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Background Music For A Party
Background Music For A Party

Baboon Torture Division Over one hour of sweet techno cheese. Upbeat, modern, and non-invasive. All you need to do is leave this album on loop and keep the party rockin. Tell the DJ to take the night off and let Baboon Torture Division take control of the soundtrack. Whether you're throwing a house party, frat party, dance party, pool party, birthday party, staff party, wedding reception, bat mitzvah, or political fundraiser, Background Music For A Party will shake the booties of your guests until the beaka-break of dawn. Baboon Torture Division draws from an array of contemporary music genres including funk, trance, breakbeat, rap, and pop, to satisfy the diverse tastes of modern music consumers. The band has taken a break from their usual complex, challenging, avant-garde tendencies to deliver listeners consistent four-on-the-floor beats, strong melodies, fat synth sounds, and almost coherent lyrics.

Preview and download as much or as little as you like from the links below, or buy a the real CD from our online retailer for $10.
MP3's also available from Itunes.

1. Background Music For A Party

2. Sexy Times

3. BC Livin'

4. Sinister Spatula

5. Carnival Wreck

6. What My Baby Does

7. Fresh Ranch Dressing

8. End Of The Night

9. Background Music For A Party 2

Recorded at China Creek Studios, Vancouver, B.C. 2010 © 2010 Baboon Torture Division Records.