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Baboon Torture Division is a SoCal based electronic rock duo who use a laptop to drastically expand the limits of their instruments and talents. Masked superhero singer Steve Biloba plays electric uke and Rocketron NT plays bass. They are backed up by laptop drums, and a synchronized video and light show, They bring a glam rock band vibe to the electronic genre and make a visual impact wherever they go.


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how does a baboon torture division function without any baboons?

The 3 technical innovations that allow this ukulele/bass duo to transform their sound so drastically are:

  • pitch tracking,
  • effects automation
  • visual synchronization

The higher pitch of the electric uke makes realtime pitch tracking faster than ever, allowing the uke to play any virtual synth. The bass guitar sound is sculpted by automated effects which are synched to the of the song. When playing with a live drummer, 4  lights go off on each quarter note, keeping the live band synchronized to the automated effects.




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Their mission is to explore strange new possibilities for the computer as transformative tool in live music. In 2009 they turned all their songs into chiptunes played live on the guitar and bass. In 2011 they turned into a garage rock breakcore band. In 2013 they began rehearsing with a live drummer, allowing for things like improvisation and interaction. As a live electronic band, Baboon Torture Division can do what no DJ or Live PA act can; organically explore the crevasses of a deep ass groove.


Unfortunately, Baboon Torture Division shows rarely go smoothly. Villains such as Ronald McRonald, Ronald Reagan, litigious copyright lawyers, and an uncaged bear show up to spoil the fun. Their surreal in-band mythology, costumes, and audio wizardry make Baboon Torture Division a tripy and hearty feast for your ears, eyes, and booty.



From harsh noise to fruity techno cheese, Baboon Torture Divison loves it all. We have a country album, an album of experimantal soundscapes, as well as the agressively dorky EDM we are known for.  Baboon Torture Division also loves video games, and has made three EP’s of video game inspired remixes. They even made their own video game for Windows.


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Performing arts and recording arts

In the last 21 years of making albums, and have evolved from a studio project into a live band. Their albums are multi-tracked studio creations, while their live shows emphasize live instrumentation wherever possible, allowing for extensive improvisation and moments crowd interaction.


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