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    Baboon Torture Division is a L.A. based electronic rock duo who use a laptop to drastically expand the limits of their instruments and talents. Masked superhero singer Steve Biloba plays electric uke and Rocketron NT plays bass. They are backed up by laptop drums, and a synchronized video and light show, They bring a glam rock band vibe to the electronic genre and make a visual impact wherever they go. In the last 21 years of making albums, and have evolved from a studio project into a live band. Their albums are multi-tracked studio creations, while their live shows emphasize live instrumentation wherever possible, allowing for extensive improvisation and moments crowd interaction. Baboon Torture Division Above the Fold GLAM SHOT
The 3 technical innovations that allow this ukulele/bass duo to transform their sound so drastically are pitch tracking, effects automation, and visual synchronization. The higher pitch of the electric uke makes realtime pitch tracking faster than ever, allowing the uke to play any virtual synth. The bass guitar sound is sculpted by automated effects which are synched to the of the song. When playing with a live drummer, 4 strobe lights go off in series, one on each quarter note, keeping the live band synchronized to the automated effects.
Their mission is to explore strange new possibilities for the computer as transformative tool in live music. In 2009 they turned all their songs into chiptunes played live on the guitar and bass. In 2011 they turned into a garage rock breakcore band. In 2013 they began rehearsing with a live drummer, allowing for things like improvisation and interaction. As a live electronic band, Baboon Torture Division can do what no DJ or Live PA act can; organically explore the crevasses of a deep ass groove.
   Unfortunately, Baboon Torture Division shows rarely go smoothly. Villains such as Ronald McRonald, Ronald Reagan, litigious copyright lawyers, and an uncaged bear show up to spoil the fun. Their surreal in-band mythology, costumes, and audio wizardry make Baboon Torture Division a tripy and hearty feast for your ears, eyes, and booty.

January 01, 2020
Difficult Listening - Free Streaming Album
link to Difficult Listening sesh courtesy of Soundcloud. Opens in a new tab
Had your fill of Easy Listening, and Normal Listening? Challenge seekers, it's time to turn up the difficulty level all the way. Difficult Listening is a 45 minute sound collage/remix of things nobody should be listening to. You will be force fed a steaming pile of Limp Bizkit, bubblegum techno, yodelling, polka, Jar Jar Binks and corporate training videos. It is a mashup regrettable moments in entertainment's past, looped and blended with backing synth tracks, hardcore techno beats, and weird noises. Each 'song' is blended into the next making a stream of consciousness string of pearls made of highly polished bullshit.
How tough do you think your ears are? Most people will never find out, because they have never faced a real challenge like this. In terms of difficulty, this album is the Mount Everest of music, and only the toughest can make it all the way to the peak.
Don't let this opportunity pass you by.
Time to find out what your ears are made of.

November 28, 2019
My Console remix video
My Console by Eiffel 65 receives the Baboon Treatment
Baboon Torture Division gives the treatment to Eiffel 65 in this high energy remix of their terrible 90's song about Playstation. Vocoder and auto-tune have been added to the already lovely vocal contributions of Vancouver artists, Dave von Dave, Rob E. Rob, and OATS.

May 01, 2019
90's Bubblegum band, Toy Box's Tarzan and Jane gets the BTD treatment.
Putting the Aine in Tarzan and Jane Baboon Torture Division gives the treatment to Tarzan and Jane by Toy Box. Steve Biloba has always felt a particular kinship with the character, Tarzan, because both Tarzan and Steve were raised drinking ape milk. Here is DJ Stevie B's Raised on Ape Milk Remix of a Barbie Girl knockoff band doing a song from the late 1990's about Tarzan and Jane. We are putting the Aine back in Tarzan and Jane.

March 12, 2019
Gungan War Ritual
Gungan War Ritual
A fiendish lizard of the deep crept into the nightmares of DJ Stevie B as he slumbered. Through its slithering tongue, it issued a dare. A dare most treacherous; to make a four and a half minute song using only a drum machine and samples of Jar Jar Binks. The creature said 'Do this within a fortnight, lest I return to give you such a scare as to soil your trousers whilst you sleep. Such shall be the force of the ejection, your very entrails shall be pushed inside out, and there shall dangle and sway. What a mess for you to clean up. What humiliation you will know, as you employ four fingers in the foul business of pushing your pink sock back where nature intended'

Steve Biloba, with much trepidation, succeeded in crafting such a Gungan jam as to make the crowd live. Vanquished for now, the lizard has not been seen since.

January 19, 2019
A Tribute to Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Jungle Woman
Jungle 2 Jungle with Jungle Woman
Baboon Torture Division pays tribut to one of the fiercest gorgeous ladies of Wresting, the hi flying Jungle Woman.

March 22, 2018
Steve Biloba goes Bananas

This Shit is Bananas. B - A - N - A - N - A - S.
Steve Biloba has made a crude pre-visualization of an idea Gwen Stefani could use during her stage show. This performance would be specifically during the Hollaback Girl song, which Steve would remix live during her dance number. The remix would consist of rhythmically mashing a sampler loaded with only the part of the song where she spells bananas. This demo will be included on the upcoming album, Difficult Listening, available in 2020.

November 28, 2017
Music Video for We Start Shrinking
Singing Hamburgers We start Shrinking
We start shrinking
When we hit that grill you know we will.
Here is the next track for the upcoming album. It is a remix of a 1989 Wendy's training video. Its a heavy EDM track comprised of 4 oscillators, a drum machine, and a corporate training video.

Streaming on Youtube

Started as an audio remix only, but the video is too good to leave out. Luckily, you can drop most videos into Ableton and edit like you would audio an audio clip.

Original video is Wendy's Grill Skills, a training video from 1989. The footage used here is from just a few minutes of a 15 minute hallucinatory hip hop foodservice adventure. It is worth looking up if you have enjoyed this, and you will learn some cooking techniques along the way.

The audio is up on SoundCloud:

We Start Shrinking by Baboon Torture Division on SoundCloud

September 12, 2017
Music Video for Fresh Ranch Dressing

Fresh Ranch Dressing Video Still
Another day, another hustle for BTD drummer CS7. While trying to drum up some hype for his band down at the local IHOP, he is spotted by a passing spacecraft, whose crew is on a mission to prevent aliens like himself from interfering in the culture of a pre-warp civilization. When CS7 gets a shot at playing his CD for a major music mogul, the Zolg intervene.
Song: Fresh Ranch Dressing by Baboon Torture Division from their 2010 album, Background Music For A Party.
Video by Steve Biloba. Filmed on a Samsung Nexus 5 for around $100 November 2016 to September 2017. Thanks Elton Bong, RyWall, Dennis Tokarski, Dr. Saline Pockets. Starring the above, and the subdued community of New Westminster, British Columbia who inspired this madness.

July 27, 2017
Outdoor Concert at Vancouver's Mini Maker Faire
MiniMakerFaire Vancouver 2017 outdoor concert footage The first appearance of Baboon Torture Division as a trio with a live drummer. During the show, a remote control decoy duck arrived unexpectedly. Luckily, hamburger clown, Ronald McRonald was there to defend the band. Unrelated to the duck incident, this was the final appearance of the original Pocketron XP as bassist.

April 20, 2017
Slay Conniff - Penises Recut
Slay Conniff
Heavily edited Ray Conniff vs thrashing electronic beats.
The second track to be released from Baboon Torture Divisions' upcoming album.

February 2, 2017
The Yodel Breaks vol. 1

Generic Yodel Polka Vinyl art example1
Heavily edited yodeling vs thrashing electronic beats.
The first track to be released from Baboon Torture Divisions' upcoming album.

September 8, 2016
Mini Album - OnaSphere Soundtrack

link to Onashpere Soundtrack hosted by Soundcloud
Onashpere Soundtrack hosted by Soundcloud
Last year Baboon Torture Division recorded the soundtrack to an arcade game called called Onasphere. The concept was basically Space Invaders on a spherical battlefield.
The instrumental soundtrack has an appropriately 1980's flavour with thick synth lines, understated guitar licks, and sparkly reverb. Like the graphics, the sounds are sterile, artificial, spacey, and have an overall light feel. Baboon Torture Division's signature weird noises and dense percussion are at an all time low here. This is the 1980's softcore Baboon Torture Division album that nobody asked for.
Each track is a seamless loop. For an ideal listening experience, loop each song 3 times, bringing the total album duration to about 45 minutes.

Licensed owners of the full game only can unlock the full length album feature.

August 22, 2016
Opening for David Liebe Hart at The Rickshaw
Link to Tickets and Tunes by David Liebe Hart
Tickets and Tunes
Thursday 29 September 2016

Get ready for an evening of space traveling puppets, upsidedown beatboxing, surreal comedy, and unexplainable screaming. Vancouver's rockingest venue, The Rickshaw Theatre will be hosting Los Angeles based puppetmaster weirdo, David Liebe Hart, along with his new friends, Viktor Barkar (Vancouver Puppet Theatre), noCore, MCFlail, and Baboon Torture Division. Tickets are $13 at the door for fans over 19. Come see what Baboon Torture Division has been cooking up since their mysterious disappearance to the Theta Sector. If you can't get enough Baboon Torture, we will be playing a sweaty all-night dance party type thing the next night at an undisclosable location (hooray nofun city). Ask around for details.
2016 September 29
254 E. Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1P1
Doors 8:00 PM
Facebook Event Page
LiveVan Event Page

July 1, 2015
CS7 Joins Baboon Torture Division as Drummer
CS7 is Baboon Torture Divisions alien drummer
The experimental debut of Baboon Torture Division's newest member.
Extraterrestrial funckster CS7 acquired a taste for the music of Baboon Torture Division while on an interstellar vacation to Earth's Miami, Florida. He was attracted to the ripeness of the funk they were laying down and could not believe that so much sound could come from a two piece rock group. He was astonished to find out that the band always played along with pre-recorded drum tracks.
The next morning CS7 began day drinking, and by 3 PM was reported to be blackout drunk by staff at A1A Beachfront Avenue. His next recollection was waking up in a hotel room with Baboon Torture Division and discovering that 3 days had passed and he was now the drummer for Baboon Torture Division. Upon receiving news of his good fortune, CS7 and his new bandmates began celebrating and inebriating wildly. The band is busy working on CS7's catchphrase, which is rumoured to be 'Hubba Hubba Hubba!' They are expected to play their first show as a trio in fall 2016.

Here is a video of CS7 and Steve Biloba having a freeform jam at The Ultimate Extreme Music Challenge in early 2016.

Devember 27, 2014
Neo Sporin Music Video
MiniMakerFaire Vancouver 2017 outdoor concert footage A music video of one of the heavier BTD songs. Appropriately, the whole video is a fight scene between our hero, Steve Biloba, and fast food pimp, Ronald Mc Ronald.

January 1, 2014
Announcung: Barely Sex
Barely Sex Album Cover
This album is a collection of songs which have been previously posted on this website. If you are a hardcore fan, you probably have all these songs already. The purpose of this album is to get these songs into Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, and whatnot. It's cheaper to get an album into their system than a bunch of singles. As always, you can hear all our music free of charge on this website.

Barely Sex: listen to the full album free on Bandcamp
November 15, 2012
The Breakdance Sesh LP
The Breakdance Sesh LP - Fresh Crew Chillin with the ghetto blaster. Steve Biloba, Baboon Torture Division
It's a DJ breakdance throwdown with Fresh Crew and Baboon Torture Division's lead singer, Steve Biloba, credited here as DJ Stevie B. The Breakdance Sesh is a 44 minute drum solo designed specifically to deliver superior quality audio on the ghettoblaster's speakers. This recording is intended to fill one side of a 90 minute cassette tape.

No turntables of any kind were used in the creation of this recording.
September 15, 2012
DynamiteTryptamine A tripy tune with some breakbeat and hip hop elements. Samples are from a Joe Rogan radio interview talking about tripping his balls off on DMT.
August 26, 2012
NeoSporin Bah na nhat nat na
Bah nah na nah nana nah
A throbbing mess of glitchy IDM rock'n'roll and samples from Kung Pow: Enter The Fist.
March 13, 2012
Poop Everyday Live 2011
Poop Everyday Cereal Pooping too often will cause nutrients to wash away before they can be absorbed. Pooping too seldom will strain your immune system. Poop everyday to maintain perfect balance. Remember that quality and quantity are as important as frequency if you want perfect poop. The size and consistency of two bananas per day is ideal. It's time to get serious about your poop because if you never poop, you will die.

March 5, 2012
Background Music For A Party 3
Background Music For A Party 3 Do you dream of being a rockstar but don't have to time or discipline to learn a real instrument? Would you believe that you could enjoy all perks of rockstardom by simply playing other people's recordings? It's that easy. Everybody loves a good DJ. A DJ is, after all, the life of the party. You will gain the respect of your peers. You will get recognized by strangers. You will expand your pool of potential sex partners. You will get to hang out with the cool crowd backstage. Start your DJ career by pressing the play button below. Background Music For A Party 3 is a surefire crowd pleaser. This is the sequel to Background Music For A Party and Background Music For A Party 2 from the 2010 album, Background Music For A Party. This is an upbeat groove with a steady throbbing bass drum at a moderate 120 BPM. During the track's 10 minute duration, you can wave your hands in the air, do a few dance steps, mess with your headphones, whatever. You will look like a huge pimp, and the pictures will look great on your facebook page.
January 21, 2012
Porno Person (1980's Entertainment Console Remix)
8 bit porn The Chiptunes Live remix of a 2003 cover of Doktor Kosmos' 1996 song, Porno Person. This is part of the Baboon Torture Division chiptunes sesh, where live instruments are used to play lo-fi synths, transforming real songs on a real guitar and a real bass. Making it all sound like a gameboy soundtrack through the magic of computers.
January 4, 2012
Welcome To The Jungle Remix
Anime Axl Rose Do you know where you are? You are in the jungle, baby. DJ Stevie B's breakbeat dubstep mashup remix of Guns'n'Roses timeless classic. In 2009, Welcome To The Jungle was #1 on VH1's countdown of best hard rock songs of all time. In 2012, this remix will be #1. Shannannanannannaknees. knees.
December 29, 2011
Baboon and friends Video Game RAVE. Saturday, January 28th.
Video Game Rave

Chiptune Rave
Before Sega was leading the 16 bit revolution, videogame soundtracks were created by the bloops and bleeps of dedicated synthesizer chips. Due to the tiny amount of data storage and the minimal synthesis capabilities of the chips, video games from the 8-bit era have a distinct lo-fi sound which is instantly recognizable. Before long, game cartridges were replaced by CD's and synthesizer chips were replaced by CD quality audio playback. Only a dedicated few hobbyists continued to write music for these obsolete synthesizer chips in relative obscurity. Thanks largely to the rugged construction of the Nintendo Game Boy, and the arrival of the LSDJ Game Boy cartridge in the early 2000's, musicians found an approachable and straitforward way of playing and composing 8-bit music. Since then, there has been an explosion of young musicians, programmers, and enthusiasts working with the Game Boy and the Commodore 64. Known worldwide as Chiptunes, the 8-bit sound has begun percolating into pop music in recent years, mostly due to it's rabid, energetic young fans who crave the music's dense bass lines and dizzingly fast arpeggiated melodies. On January 28th, Seattle Chiptune superstars, Ovenrake and MC Firedrill, will head north to Vancouver's sassiest record store, The Zoo Zhop and show you how it's done. It will be Game Boy versus guitar, Commodore 64 versus laptop, as the Seattle chiptunes kids battle local computer rockers, Baboon Torture Division, and IDM mixmaster, Colby Sparks for the North American Welterweight Tittle. $8 admission, $5 coat check. Doors 9pm Show 10pm. The Zoo Zhop is just north of Hastings on Main Street.
Colby Sparks
The Zoo Zhop
Facebook Event Page
November 21, 2011
I can't believe it's not booty by Captain Ahab remixed by Baboon Torture Division

Breakcore remix of Captain Ahab's sleazy electro masterpiece, I Can't Believe It's Not Booty. The track was produced for a compilation of Ahab remixes which never made it to press. This track is available for free. To download, you must prove they your are worthy. Find the mp3's url in the source code of this web page. If you are unsure how to do this, you are not worthy.

November 11, 2011

We Move Through The Night Unseen --- A Gothic Love Triangle Soundtrack
We Move Through The Night Unseen. A song for all the white people who dress in black. If you are planning a gothic love triangle tonight, including this song in your background playlist is mandatory.

November 1, 2011
Fans have been demanding the Baboon Torture Division put out an album of all the recent remixes and live music we've been producing lately. Instead, we've decided to be ahead of our time. There are certain expectations people have about albums. An album has between 8 and 16 tracks, it is between 35 and 72 minutes, and it usually has some sort of cohesive themes. The whole idea of an album became obsolete the day that singles became commercially available for download. Sure, there is an artform to recording a solid album with flow from one song to another, but since the 90's the album has been a scam. Instead of releasing singles of popular songs, record companies decided to package the hits on a more expensive full length album which includes a bunch of crap filler. As an analogy, let's pretend that you wanted some bacon. You go to the grocery store and they don't sell bacon, they only sell whole pigs. If you want to bring home that bacon, you'll have to pay through the nose for a whole goddamn swine and you get hundreds of pounds of meat and bones that you didn't even want. Well, now we're all free to download just the bacon, and toss the rest of that filthy carcass in the trash.
In an era of user generated playlists, streaming music on demand, and internet radio, it becomes less and less likely that someone will ever listen to an album from start to finish in the order intended by the artist. For the foreseeable future, Baboon Torture Division will be releasing singles and videos one at a time on this website once every two or three weeks. For commercial purposes, we will still release albums from time to time, but think of them as collections, or batch uploads to music vendors, rather than an 'album' in the spirit of Dark Side Of The Moon.

Are You Ready To Roll With Blade?
Enough ranting. Here is the latest nugget from the Baboon Torture Division. This is a noisy, dirty mashup/mixup/sound collage featuring Wesley Snipes as Blade. He does not think you are ready to roll with him. I tend to agree with him, but give the song a listen and decide for yourself.

October 22, 2011
Just in time for Halloween, here are three new terrifying tunes from the Baboon Torture Division.

Goo Goo Muck (written by Ronnie Cook, made famous by The Cramps)

Zombie Dance (The Cramps cover)

Larry King (versus Benny Hinn)

October 13, 2011
Oktoberfest is here again. We at the Baboon Torture Division have upheld our long tradition of making a new chiptune for each Oktoberfest. Here is a brand new one for your 2011 Oktoberfest. This is a 8 bit remix of What My Baby Does from the 2010 album Background Music For A Party. It was recorded live at Dorky's Arcade in Tacoma, Washington.

Stay tuned for info about our upcoming Halloween show somewhere in Vancouver BC.

August 15, 2011
BTD with Fabulous Downey Brothers, MC Firedrill, Ovenrake ar Dorky's Arcade in Tacoma
Live music night at Dorky's Arcade in Tacoma, Washington.

An evening of Dorkcore. Spectacular costumes, energetic performances, chiptunes, hypnotic video art, arcade games, pinball, beer, hot dogs, and texting. 21+ or fake ID. No cover charge.

Baboon Torture Division

Fabulous Downey Brothers



Dorky's Arcade
754 Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA
Saturday, October 1st. 9pm

April 20, 2011
Baboon Torture Division plays POOP EVERYDAY live in early 2011

Background Music For A Party
January 1, 2010
Background Music For A Party

   The latest release from Baboon Torture Division is over one hour of sweet techno cheese. Upbeat, modern, and non-invasive. All you need to do is leave this album on loop and keep the party rockin. Tell the DJ to take the night off and let Baboon Torture Division take control of the soundtrack. Whether you're throwing a house party, frat party, dance party, pool party, birthday party, staff party, wedding reception, bat mitzvah, or political fundraiser, Background Music For A Party will shake the booties of your guests until the beaka-break of dawn. Baboon Torture Division draws from an array of contemporary music genres including funk, trance, breakbeat, rap, and pop, to satisfy the diverse tastes of modern music consumers. The band has taken a break from their usual complex, challenging, avant-garde tendencies to deliver listeners consistent four-on-the-floor beats, strong melodies, fat synth sounds, and almost coherent lyrics. This album will be freely downloadable from this web site. Rich people who want to support good music can purchase the CD HERE for $10, or get MP3's from Itunes and other online music stores.

BTD Releases Digital Masturbation 2
March 14, 2009
Digital Masturbation 2

   Baboon Torture Division pays tribute to the golden age of 8-bit gaming in the long awaited sequel to Digital Masturbation. The magic of modern computers makes their guitar and bass sound like a Nintendo. The track list is similar to what the BTD has been playing in their live show for the last year or so, but instead of sounding like distortion pedals and rock'n'roll, now it sound like background music from an old video game. The album is an experiment in melding the tracker-based world of chiptunes with live instruments and vocals. The CD includes the Baboon Torture Division Video Game for Windows, which is also downloadable from the website.

Sexy Times Music Video
December 15, 2008

    A team of MIT physicists created this elaborate computers simulation of what would happen if Baboon Torture Division played an major arena or stadium venue. This is the first video for the upcoming album 'Background Music For A Party' expected in 2009 along with a breakcore EP.

Digital Masturbation
Digital Masturbation
Extreme Baboon Cyber-Torture 2000
Extreme Baboon Cyber Torture 2000
Use Your Illusion 3
Total Remix
Baboon Torture Division's Greatest Hits
Baboon Torture Division's Greatest Hits

The Mud & The Blood & The Beer
The Mud & The Blood & The Beer

Unknown Album
Unknown Album
Digital Masturbation 2
Masturbation 2
Background Music For A Party
Background Music
For A Party