Top 100 Weirdest bands

For over a decade Baboon Torture Division out weirded most of the bands on earth to retain their ranking on the Weird 100 list and join the ranks of Captain Beefheart, The Residents, and Blowfly.  Here is a complementary quote from their write-up on the band.

“The kind of amazing ‘Sexy Times,’ a disco/industrial jam that’s actually got a great groove, along with some of the cheesiest office romance lyrics of all time and backup dancers that look like they escaped from Mummenschanz. ‘I was prepping demos for the 12 o’clock meeting/You were wearing slacks and your nails were green’—finally, a love song us cubicle dwellers can relate to.”

He’s talking about this video for Sexy Times on Youtube. Please watch and see if you agree.

Sadly, the Weird 100 is defunct, but a backup is stored on 


AV Club’s Worst Band names of ’07:

“Proudly boasts that it ranks 1 for Baboon Torture Porn on Google.”

Check out this link to the original page for more weird band names.

Spotify’s best of the worst:

“What’s really worrying is not how terrible this album is, but that as I listen to it I’m almost starting to enjoy it. It’s a kind of bizarre dirty electronic weirdness.”

Spotify Blog Article


“video game medium is co-opted in the interested of helping to construct a mythology around the Baboon Torture Division, one of the West Coast’s most peculiar art-rock puppet performance ensembles, now here joining such absurd musical luminaries as Devo, the Residents and Michael Jackson as the subjects of their own video games.While the basic game mechanics are quite restrictive in the classical style (shoot your way to each level’s end zone, marked by red spheres) it does enjoy imaginative inter-level boss fights mini-games.”

MobyGames Article

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