About Us

What is this baboon torture division

Baboon Torture Division started in 1998 as an improvised 5 piece noise band playing Steve Biloba’s circuit bent kids toys at a punk show. It was meant to be the first and last appearance of Baboon Torture Division as a collective. Meanwhile, Steve was babysitting a super cheesy 90’s techno keyboard and used his computer to make it play Nintendo music. The recordings were overdubbed with circuit bent embellishments and played on late night college radio.  The station director offered to release the music on his fledgling record label, and when put on the spot for a name, Baboon Torture Division seemed like the right choice.

Steve’s cassette recordings evolved into carefully crafted digital .wav file sound collages and devolved into Intelligent Dance Music. After making enough music to fill several CDR’s, it was time to take it out in public. Because watching DJ play a setlist is boring, Steve and pals came up with a storyline that would unfold during the show and crude costumes for the pretend band. The culmination of each ‘episode’ involved a giant cardboard android lobster attacking the audience and eventually destroying the band.

Once laptop computing developed to a state where realtime signal processing of multiple audio inputs became feasible, Baboon Torture Division started playing live guitar and bass along with a drum track.  Using the laptop as the ultimate guitar pedal, they pushed beyond what was advisable and made their sludgy rock songs sound like tightly arpegiated chiptunes.  Since then they have continued to make highly crafted .wav files in the dance music genre and simultaneously invent new ways for a computer to mangle a guitar or bass sound.

It’s like a gloryhole for your ears.

when entertainment requires protective equipment, you are on the right track

Due to vocal processing during our set, we request a 1/2 hour sound check before guests arrive at the venue.  We may request to use your venue’s video projection system if it exists, or we may use our own onstage system.

Crew and performers are asked to use extreme caution around our projector and mirror while in use. Power loss to the projector will damage the expensive bulb inside, accelerating its unstoppable march towards eternal death. Power cables should only disconnected from outlets after the projector has been properly powered down.

Pumping out tunes for 2 decades

We do not condone the mistreatment of monkeys, and promise never to post any graphic animal abuse content. Our band name is not meant to advocate the torture of baboons, but rather to acknowledge the sickening fact that baboon torture takes place in many industries. Your favorite flavor of Kool-Aid is probably manufactured by a company with a secret baboon torture division. While this is true of many industries, there has never been a boboon torture division for the music industry..until now!

Video game

baboon torture division made its own game in 2008

Not content to conquer the musical world, Baboon Torture Division has set its sights on  the video game industry.

  • Requires window’s
  • Includes original Baboon Torture Division music
  • Kill a telebubby