We start shrinking
When we hit that grill you know we will.
Here is the next track for the upcoming album. It is a remix of a 1989 Wendy’s training video. Its a heavy EDM track comprised of 4 oscillators, a drum machine, and a corporate training video.

Streaming on Youtube

Started as an audio remix only, but the video is too good to leave out. Luckily, you can drop most videos into Ableton and edit like you would audio an audio clip.

Original video is Wendy’s Grill Skills, a training video from 1989. The footage used here is from just a few minutes of a 15 minute hallucinatory hip hop foodservice adventure. It is worth looking up if you have enjoyed this, and you will learn some cooking techniques along the way.

The audio is up on SoundCloud:

We Start Shrinking by Baboon Torture Division on SoundCloud