DJ Steve Biloba is back with a set comprised entirely of Baboon Torture Division tracks inspired by video games from the albums Digital Masturbation, Digital Masturbation 2, and Digital Masturbation 3.
Hear him remix every track on the very first BTD album, a tiny 22 minute EP of experimental video game remixes. The sequel came out nearly ten years later and documented the band’s efforts to make chiptunes in realtime using live guitar and bass. Digital Masturbation 3 was made during some preset surfing sessions which yielded some happy accidents that were too god not to polish up and share.
On a random night, unannounced DJ Steve Biloba went on the internet to broadcast a remix merging all 3 albums into one unbroken groove back to back to back. It’s over fifty tracks, spanning from today, all the way back to the nineties. Experience it all in one marathon sesh, courtecy of the Baboon Torture Division: the youtube channel.