Extraterrestrial funckster CS7 acquired a taste for the music of Baboon Torture Division while on an interstellar vacation to Earth’s Miami, Florida. He was attracted to the ripeness of the funk they were laying down and could not believe that so much sound could come from a two piece rock group. He was astonished to find out that the band always played along with pre-recorded drum tracks.
The next morning CS7 began day drinking, and by 3 PM was reported to be blackout drunk by staff at A1A Beachfront Avenue. His next recollection was waking up in a hotel room with Baboon Torture Division and discovering that 3 days had passed and he was now the drummer for Baboon Torture Division. Upon receiving news of his good fortune, CS7 and his new bandmates began celebrating and inebriating wildly. The band is busy working on CS7’s catchphrase, which is rumoured to be ‘Hubba Hubba Hubba!’ They are expected to play their first show as a trio in fall 2016.

Here is a video of CS7 and Steve Biloba having a freeform jam at The Ultimate Extreme Music Challenge in early 2016.