One night in the Baboon Torture Division, footage of a televangelist was being re-edited for the enjoyment and delight of our master, Satan.
Imagine the surprise when the team stumbled across footage of the same televangelist dissing the late, great Larry King with a righteous fury.
The late Larry King snuggled his way into our hearts with his disarming and personable interview style. Unlike his journalistic peers, Larry King refused to research his subjects in advance because he believed that by being totally ignorant, he could address a subject from the same perspective as an average American TV viewer. While his journalistic chops may have been lacking, the late Mr. King was astonishingly adequate in his role for a remarkably long time, and for this feat, we recognize and applaud him.

Who Cares About Larry King?
And who cares about his viewers?
Who cares about these people?
The answer is Baboon Torture Division cares.

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