Celebrate the President’s Day holiday like never before, with a Baboon Torture Division Livestream 8pm PST. DJ Stevie B is cooking up a DJ set of Baboon Torture Division’s juiciest grooves from over 20 years piped through Steve’s instant remix machine. This is nothing like the 2007 album, ‘Baboon Torture Division’s Greatest Hits,’ which consisted of previously unreleased material. This time we mean it. Hear the same old recordings from the albums, mashed up and stitched together with a chaotic array of audio effects and thumping drums, all controlled in realtime through midi wizardry.
After a successful test run in January, we are pleased to announce; Synchronized video! We tested the setup and made an instant re-mix of the very first Baboon Torture Division album and it’s reboot/sequels, Digital Masturbation 2 & 3:
Check out that set here
President’s day will be like that, but better. I wouldn’t be too surprised if a few presidential guests show up.
That’s happening Monday, Feb 20th at 8PM pacific time.

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