Had your fill of Easy Listening, and Normal Listening? Challenge seekers, it’s time to turn up the difficulty level all the way. Difficult Listening is a 45 minute sound collage/remix of things nobody should be listening to. You will be force fed a steaming pile of Limp Bizkit, bubblegum techno, yodelling, polka, Jar Jar Binks and corporate training videos. It is a mashup regrettable moments in entertainment’s past, looped and blended with backing synth tracks, hardcore techno beats, and weird noises. Each ‘song’ is blended into the next making a stream of consciousness string of pearls made of highly polished bullshit.
How tough do you think your ears are? Most people will never find out, because they have never faced a real challenge like this. In terms of difficulty, this album is the Mount Everest of music, and only the toughest can make it all the way to the peak.
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
Time to find out what your ears are made of.

BaboonTortureDivision ยท Difficult Listening

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