A fiendish lizard of the deep crept into the nightmares of DJ Stevie B as he slumbered. Through its slithering tongue, it issued a dare. A dare most treacherous; to make a four and a half minute song using only a drum machine and samples of Jar Jar Binks. The creature said ‘Do this within a fortnight, lest I return to give you such a scare as to soil your trousers whilst you sleep. Such shall be the force of the ejection, your very entrails shall be pushed inside out, and there shall dangle and sway. What a mess for you to clean up. What humiliation you will know, as you employ four fingers in the foul business of pushing your pink sock back where nature intended’

Steve Biloba, with much trepidation, succeeded in crafting such a Gungan jam as to make the crowd live. Vanquished for now, the lizard has not been seen since.

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