Do you know where you are?
You are in the Jungle, Baby.
Your gonna Deeeiiiiiiieeeeyyyyah.

10 years ago, G’n’R’s ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ ended up in Steve Biloba’s audio woodchipper. What came out the other end was long ropy log of looped Axl nuggets.

Now, a decade later, Steve is dusting off that old record in preparation for a BTD music-video set. Painstaking efforts were made to synchronize the G’n’R video to the edits in the remix.

This 4 minute tune is made from just just a few key seconds of Axl shrieks, looped and blended up to concoct a brand new flavor of jungle juice.

Some people find the high intensity, high pitched wails of Axl to be abrasive to the ears but if you re like me, then you can’t get enough, so this mix is for you. We are giving you 10000% more dying cat wails, 500% more shanana’s, and 300% more Eee-Iii -ing, all for the price of FREE.
Now come get this plump and juicy Axl, sliced finer than a roast beef sub.

You can get a lossless copy of the extended cut of this jam on Bandcamp:

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