Soundcloud is a wonderful site for exploring the world of independent music and discovering new artists. The downside as an artist is, you can only upload about 3 hours of music without a Pro account. I have been pretty haphazard about what I have uploaded to the site, and as of early this year, reached the max free uploads. I decided to delete all the singles, and keep the extended jam seshes. This way new listeners passing by will get hooked on the jams and not get hit by as many commercials. With the singles gone, I had 1 free hour of upload space left on Soundcloud. As Hurricane Hilary bore down on me, I found a pleasing order in which to play a whole bunch of BTD tracks not already included in the extended jams. Luckily Hurricane Hilary became Tropical Storm Hilary, and instead of evacuating, I could record the megamix. distilled, chopped and melded together in one extended jam. After several false starts, I juggled my way through BTD’s most dance-able melodic tunes with unhinged experimental chaos and a meandering drum machine. And wouldn’t you know it, the jam shesh turned out to be just over one hour, but still fits on the soundcloud.

Open your mouth, lean sideways, and rotate your neck until you face the ceiling.. because you are about to get a wet blast of frothy BTD strait from the tap. Weeze deeply of the Juice. This is a unedited 1 hour and three minute jam strait off the laptop recorded beneath Tropical Storm Hilary. Check it.