Steve Biloba has cooked up a fresh batch of ukulele songs for you and is pleased to announce an upcoming album titled Electric Ukulele Land.

You can watch live as a whole album is recorded from start to finish on Youtube. With the magic of computers, a plethora of guitar effects such as wah wah, loopers, and uke-tracking synthesizers have been automated ahead of time and synced to a drum track. It’s like having a dozen chipmunk sized sound engineers operating the knobs and switches on a pedal-board to sculpt the raw ukulele twangs into a wide array of sounds to fit many genres.

With the effects automated, Steve Biloba is ready to do the inadvisable; to record this entire album in one unbroken take in front of the whole internet. When Steve runs out of written material, the drums and effects will loop back to the beginning of the album. Then Steve and friends will then improvise new material over the same Ableton set, but played faster.

This will be happening in the evening on the eve of Christmas Eve; Dec 23rd, 8:00PM PST, 11 EST

Although it is a live broadcast, a video recording will be available at the same web address afterwards.

A high quality render of the recording will be available on Bandcamp the next day.