Electric Ukulele Land Album Cover Art 500x500

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Institute for Monkey and Ape Distress is pleased to announce that our Baboon Torture Division has produced a brand new album. Intitled, Electric Ukulele Land, the album begins with lengthy one-man-band segment featuring the sounds of Steve Biloba’s mouth, his electric ukulele, and a drum machine. Using excessive audio effects processing, the ukulele is manipulated to sound like a screaming guitar, a funky bass, and a cosmic string section simultaneously. All the while Steve sings about the struggles and joys of living in strange times. After a singalong, he is joined by former bassist Pocketron XP and circuit bending wizard, Big Tex as they improvise new grooves to go over the drums and effects that were used in the first few solo songs.

Please find your way down the stairs, past the refreshments and on your left is the Bandcamp store where you can preview or procure any of these new works. We do urge visitors to make a charitable purchase to ensure the longevity and profitability of I.M.A.D.


Appropriate keywords associated with these recordings are (in order)

Stoner rock, pop punk, industrial, suicide rock, space rock, classic rock, experimental.

 The Baboon Torture thanks everyone who tuned in and participated in the livestream chat as the album was recorded last night. That show has been archived at the following link.

Steve Biloba has cooked up a fresh batch of ukulele songs for you and is pleased to announce an upcoming album titled Electric Ukulele Land.

You can watch live as a whole album is recorded from start to finish on Youtube. With the magic of computers, a plethora of guitar effects such as wah wah, loopers, and uke-tracking synthesizers have been automated ahead of time and synced to a drum track. It’s like having a dozen chipmunk sized sound engineers operating the knobs and switches on a pedal-board to sculpt the raw ukulele twangs into a wide array of sounds to fit many genres.

With the effects automated, Steve Biloba is ready to do the inadvisable; to record this entire album in one unbroken take in front of the whole internet. When Steve runs out of written material, the drums and effects will loop back to the beginning of the album. Then Steve and friends will then improvise new material over the same Ableton set, but played faster.

This will be happening in the evening on the eve of Christmas Eve; Dec 23rd, 8:00PM PST, 11 EST

Although it is a live broadcast, a video recording will be available at the same web address afterwards.

A high quality render of the recording will be available on Bandcamp the next day.


Soundcloud is a wonderful site for exploring the world of independent music and discovering new artists. The downside as an artist is, you can only upload about 3 hours of music without a Pro account. I have been pretty haphazard about what I have uploaded to the site, and as of early this year, reached the max free uploads. I decided to delete all the singles, and keep the extended jam seshes. This way new listeners passing by will get hooked on the jams and not get hit by as many commercials. With the singles gone, I had 1 free hour of upload space left on Soundcloud. As Hurricane Hilary bore down on me, I found a pleasing order in which to play a whole bunch of BTD tracks not already included in the extended jams. Luckily Hurricane Hilary became Tropical Storm Hilary, and instead of evacuating, I could record the megamix. distilled, chopped and melded together in one extended jam. After several false starts, I juggled my way through BTD’s most dance-able melodic tunes with unhinged experimental chaos and a meandering drum machine. And wouldn’t you know it, the jam shesh turned out to be just over one hour, but still fits on the soundcloud.

Open your mouth, lean sideways, and rotate your neck until you face the ceiling.. because you are about to get a wet blast of frothy BTD strait from the tap. Weeze deeply of the Juice. This is a unedited 1 hour and three minute jam strait off the laptop recorded beneath Tropical Storm Hilary. Check it.

Last night’s DJ webcast was a hoot. Baboon Torture Division celebrated President’s Day like never before. Check out the recording of your 30 favorite Baboon Torture Division tracks re-mixed and mangled by me DJ Stevie B + friends. Tongues were flailing and hamburgers were flying. Good Times.
Pocketron was taken out by a foot injury, and could not wear the ‘invisible green man’ costume. Special thanks to Jody ‘Happy Safe Bear’ for volunteering at the last minute for some shenanigans, and sticking around to do it twice after we got most of the way through the sesh and realized the stream was not actually uploading. Thanks Jody. You crushed it! It’s officially crushed.


Celebrate the President’s Day holiday like never before, with a Baboon Torture Division Livestream 8pm PST. DJ Stevie B is cooking up a DJ set of Baboon Torture Division’s juiciest grooves from over 20 years piped through Steve’s instant remix machine. This is nothing like the 2007 album, ‘Baboon Torture Division’s Greatest Hits,’ which consisted of previously unreleased material. This time we mean it. Hear the same old recordings from the albums, mashed up and stitched together with a chaotic array of audio effects and thumping drums, all controlled in realtime through midi wizardry.
After a successful test run in January, we are pleased to announce; Synchronized video! We tested the setup and made an instant re-mix of the very first Baboon Torture Division album and it’s reboot/sequels, Digital Masturbation 2 & 3:
Check out that set here
President’s day will be like that, but better. I wouldn’t be too surprised if a few presidential guests show up.
That’s happening Monday, Feb 20th at 8PM pacific time.

DJ Steve Biloba is back with a set comprised entirely of Baboon Torture Division tracks inspired by video games from the albums Digital Masturbation, Digital Masturbation 2, and Digital Masturbation 3.
Hear him remix every track on the very first BTD album, a tiny 22 minute EP of experimental video game remixes. The sequel came out nearly ten years later and documented the band’s efforts to make chiptunes in realtime using live guitar and bass. Digital Masturbation 3 was made during some preset surfing sessions which yielded some happy accidents that were too god not to polish up and share.
On a random night, unannounced DJ Steve Biloba went on the internet to broadcast a remix merging all 3 albums into one unbroken groove back to back to back. It’s over fifty tracks, spanning from today, all the way back to the nineties. Experience it all in one marathon sesh, courtecy of the Baboon Torture Division: the youtube channel.

One night in the Baboon Torture Division, footage of a televangelist was being re-edited for the enjoyment and delight of our master, Satan.
Imagine the surprise when the team stumbled across footage of the same televangelist dissing the late, great Larry King with a righteous fury.
The late Larry King snuggled his way into our hearts with his disarming and personable interview style. Unlike his journalistic peers, Larry King refused to research his subjects in advance because he believed that by being totally ignorant, he could address a subject from the same perspective as an average American TV viewer. While his journalistic chops may have been lacking, the late Mr. King was astonishingly adequate in his role for a remarkably long time, and for this feat, we recognize and applaud him.

Who Cares About Larry King?
And who cares about his viewers?
Who cares about these people?
The answer is Baboon Torture Division cares.

This is track One from the 2013 album Barely Sex.
Get it on Bandcamp..

Do you know where you are?
You are in the Jungle, Baby.
Your gonna Deeeiiiiiiieeeeyyyyah.

10 years ago, G’n’R’s ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ ended up in Steve Biloba’s audio woodchipper. What came out the other end was long ropy log of looped Axl nuggets.

Now, a decade later, Steve is dusting off that old record in preparation for a BTD music-video set. Painstaking efforts were made to synchronize the G’n’R video to the edits in the remix.

This 4 minute tune is made from just just a few key seconds of Axl shrieks, looped and blended up to concoct a brand new flavor of jungle juice.

Some people find the high intensity, high pitched wails of Axl to be abrasive to the ears but if you re like me, then you can’t get enough, so this mix is for you. We are giving you 10000% more dying cat wails, 500% more shanana’s, and 300% more Eee-Iii -ing, all for the price of FREE.
Now come get this plump and juicy Axl, sliced finer than a roast beef sub.

You can get a lossless copy of the extended cut of this jam on Bandcamp:

For Halloween, add a spine chilling atmosphere to your haunted house, haunted garage, or haunted pathway to your front door for Trick or Treaters. Throw out that dollar store sound effects cd, forget about the youtube mixes of stock soundtrack music. Steve Biloba is conjuring up alien sounds never heard before using a small orchestra of circuit bent kids toys. This is a 2 hour long noise jam with Steve Biloba, featuring Ronald McRonald and Pocketron XP, streamed live on Halloween night. This is the first of what will hopefully be come a yearly tradition in the Baboon household.

Q: Are you ready to roll with Blade?
A: You are not ready to roll with this.
Remixing a short scene from Blade Trinity (2004), the third worst of the Blade trilogy. The incredible Wesley Snipes elevates a chunk of expository dialog by embellishing with a series of taunting grunts, chuckles, and weird lip smacking sounds.
Fun fact, this scene was filmed inside the McBarge.

This remix was part of the album Barely Sex, released in 2013.
Painstaking efforts were made to synchronize the video with the original audio track to bring you this music video.
A longer version of this song is available to preview and download from these online vendors:

Since most of the songs on Difficult Listening are made from samples of videos and movies from around the internet, I have taken the time to find those original videos, and re-synchronize them to the songs that were made using the video’s audio. The result is a hypnotic 45 minute music video mashup of epic proportions. Please enjoy responsibly.

This one time, Steve Biloba of Baboon Torture Division took a dare to make a song using only a drum track and Jar Jar Binks samples. It was a huge success. Later, Unpacking his belongings, he found that his beloved latex Jar Jar Binks puppets had melted with age and were starting to smell. Before sending them off on their final voyage to the dumpster, Steve documented them in detail and made a music video from the footage. It’s a writhing mess of rubbery Gungan flesh in extreme closeup for almost 5 minutes. It may be very upsetting for some of you. Do not watch if you are frightened by rubber monsters, computer generated rubber monsters, or rubber monster generated computers. The song is called Gungan War Ritual, from the 2019 album Difficult Listening.

Here is a brand new 22 minute EP of remixed soundtracks to classic video games on Sega and NES, produced by Steve Biloba.

Digital Masturbation (1) was the very first BTD album produced over 23 years ago when a young Steve Biloba wired his parent’s PC to control a friend’s state-of-the-art 90’s synth and used it to play MIDI files of Nintendo soundtracks. Many hours of quality amusement were had making instant remixes and learning the ropes of a shiny new synthesizer. Some of the results were terrible, most were ok, and every once in a while it was good enough to record. About 45 minutes of nonsense was distilled and overdubbed to produce 22 minutes of exquisite nonsense, which was released on a tiny CD by the fledgling Crunch Pod label.

Now Steve Biloba is getting back to his roots and adding modern synthesizer voices to old video game soundtracks. During the pandemic, Steve took the time to update his drum library, download some new plugins, and learn various modern virtual synthesizers. With a treasure trove of unfamiliar synths at his fingertips, Steve started combining random presets with NES MIDI files to breath new life into compositions that had classically been voiced by bloops an bleeps. When he stumbled into something that worked, he would then use that as a learning opportunity to get under the hood of the synth patch, figure out why it worked, and come up with ways to make it even better. A few of these happy accidents were too good not to share, so they were recorded it and given some polish and overdubs.

That was the process in 1998 for Digital Masturbation 1, and that tradition carries through to Digital Masturbation 3 in 2021. We at the Baboon Torture Division hope you enjoy the product of many wasted hours of digital wankery.

1. Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 by Masato Nakamura

2. Outside Streets from Fester’s Quest by Naoki Kodaka 4:02

3. Dr. Wily’s Castle 1 from Mega Man 2 by Takashi Tateishi 5:53

4. Interstellar Marketing from Solar Jetman by David Wise 7:40

5. Stage 2 from Metal Storm by Toru Watanabe 8:33

6. Team Rocket Hideout from Pokemon Red and Blue by Junichi Masuda 9:23

7. Desert Land from Super Mario Bros. 3 by Koji Kondo 12:17

8. Title Theme from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) by Jun Funahashi 13:15

9. Gameplay Music 1 from Silver Surfer (NES) by Tim Follin 14:21

10. Parking Garage from Target Renegade (NES) by Tim Follin 16:24

11. Last Springsteen from Contra: Hard Corps by Hiroshi Kobayashi 19:04

Album available for download on Bandcamp:


Singles available on:



Streaming a DJ set to The Hive Gallery LA opening party for photography exhibit called California Love II: A visual Mixtape. Here is an audio mixtape to accompany your visual mixtape. Steve has picked out some prime surfin tunes and mashed them up with spastic breakbeats for your enjoyment.

Over one hour of glitched out surfin tunes mashed up with breakbeats.

Piped strait into the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, Steve Biloba spins a remote DJ sesh for a party. Using a trusty korg nano, he mixes and mashes BTD classics with popular party favorites. Please enjoy this video replay and enjoy the funky funky flow.

The Baboon Torture Division web domain background image is now for sale in stunning 3D. No glasses required. This crazy monkey pops out of the canvas and into your livingroom or office. Mounted in a 13 x 19 light box with handy on/off switch. This image is backlit and appears about as bright as a computer screen.

In sale now at The Hive Gallery.

Opening party TONIGHT from 5 to 11PM at:

729 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Reservations and masks required.

Hive Gallery Opening:


View the gallery opening festivities:


Video of the image demonstrating the 3D effect.

For almost 20 years, the Baboon Torture Division web site has run on classic HTML. While this added a certain ‘retro’ flavor to the website, it was also a beast to update. The blog section in particular, done with classic HTML tables, was often misaligned, or had mysterious blank spots, and would take many iterations of trial and error to get anything looking reasonably ok. The cumbersome nature of the updates meant that they were coming less frequently. It saddens us to lay the 2000’s site to rest, but time marches forward. Here’s hoping we get 20 years before WordPress becomes obsolete.

RIPLegacy Baboon Homepage HTML

Kung-Fu Against Satan

Baboon Torture Division made terror-core music using samples from a dollar store kung fu DVD. The original video is available on youtube, if this unofficial trailer compels you to watch it. The plot is nearly incomprehensible, but ninjas and hopping vampires show up a few times, so it’s cool.

Steve Biloba celebrates 4:20 with a show from the Baboon Lair, deep beneath Los Angeles. Since no additional band members were available, Steve has used technology to replace the drummer and bassist. In a test of computer endurance, pitch tracking is adding a bass part and strategically timed loops keep bass and rhythm parts jamming along.

Click This link to visit the playlist on youtube.

Here is a small taste.

Had your fill of Easy Listening, and Normal Listening? Challenge seekers, it’s time to turn up the difficulty level all the way. Difficult Listening is a 45 minute sound collage/remix of things nobody should be listening to. You will be force fed a steaming pile of Limp Bizkit, bubblegum techno, yodelling, polka, Jar Jar Binks and corporate training videos. It is a mashup regrettable moments in entertainment’s past, looped and blended with backing synth tracks, hardcore techno beats, and weird noises. Each ‘song’ is blended into the next making a stream of consciousness string of pearls made of highly polished bullshit.
How tough do you think your ears are? Most people will never find out, because they have never faced a real challenge like this. In terms of difficulty, this album is the Mount Everest of music, and only the toughest can make it all the way to the peak.
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
Time to find out what your ears are made of.

BaboonTortureDivision · Difficult Listening

Putting the Aine in Tarzan and Jane

Baboon Torture Division gives the treatment to Tarzan and Jane by Toy Box. Steve Biloba has always felt a particular kinship with the character, Tarzan, because both Tarzan and Steve were raised drinking ape milk. Here is DJ Stevie B’s Raised on Ape Milk Remix of a Barbie Girl knockoff band doing a song from the late 1990’s about Tarzan and Jane. We are putting the Aine back in Tarzan and Jane.

A fiendish lizard of the deep crept into the nightmares of DJ Stevie B as he slumbered. Through its slithering tongue, it issued a dare. A dare most treacherous; to make a four and a half minute song using only a drum machine and samples of Jar Jar Binks. The creature said ‘Do this within a fortnight, lest I return to give you such a scare as to soil your trousers whilst you sleep. Such shall be the force of the ejection, your very entrails shall be pushed inside out, and there shall dangle and sway. What a mess for you to clean up. What humiliation you will know, as you employ four fingers in the foul business of pushing your pink sock back where nature intended’

Steve Biloba, with much trepidation, succeeded in crafting such a Gungan jam as to make the crowd live. Vanquished for now, the lizard has not been seen since.

Steve Biloba has made a crude pre-visualization of an idea Gwen Stefani could use during her stage show. This performance would be specifically during the Hollaback Girl song, which Steve would remix live during her dance number. The remix would consist of rhythmically mashing a sampler loaded with only the part of the song where she spells bananas. This demo will be included on the upcoming album, Difficult Listening, available in 2020.

We start shrinking
When we hit that grill you know we will.
Here is the next track for the upcoming album. It is a remix of a 1989 Wendy’s training video. Its a heavy EDM track comprised of 4 oscillators, a drum machine, and a corporate training video.

Streaming on Youtube

Started as an audio remix only, but the video is too good to leave out. Luckily, you can drop most videos into Ableton and edit like you would audio an audio clip.

Original video is Wendy’s Grill Skills, a training video from 1989. The footage used here is from just a few minutes of a 15 minute hallucinatory hip hop foodservice adventure. It is worth looking up if you have enjoyed this, and you will learn some cooking techniques along the way.

The audio is up on SoundCloud:

We Start Shrinking by Baboon Torture Division on SoundCloud

Another day, another hustle for BTD drummer CS7. While trying to drum up some hype for his band down at the local IHOP, he is spotted by a passing spacecraft, whose crew is on a mission to prevent aliens like himself from interfering in the culture of a pre-warp civilization. When CS7 gets a shot at playing his CD for a major music mogul, the Zolg intervene.
Song: Fresh Ranch Dressing by Baboon Torture Division from their 2010 album, Background Music For A Party.
Album: https://baboontorturedivision.bandcamp.com/album/background-music-for-a-party
Video by Steve Biloba. Filmed on a Samsung Nexus 5 for around $100 November 2016 to September 2017. Thanks Elton Bong, RyWall, Dennis Tokarski, Dr. Saline Pockets. Starring the above, and the subdued community of New Westminster, British Columbia who inspired this madness.

Last year Baboon Torture Division recorded the soundtrack to an arcade game called called Onasphere. The concept was basically Space Invaders on a spherical battlefield.
The instrumental soundtrack has an appropriately 1980’s flavour with thick synth lines, understated guitar licks, and sparkly reverb. Like the graphics, the sounds are sterile, artificial, spacey, and have an overall light feel. Baboon Torture Division’s signature weird noises and dense percussion are at an all time low here. This is the 1980’s softcore Baboon Torture Division album that nobody asked for.
Each track is a seamless loop. For an ideal listening experience, loop each song 3 times, bringing the total album duration to about 45 minutes.

Licensed owners of the full game only can unlock the full length album feature.

BaboonTortureDivision · Onasphere Soundtrack

Thursday 29 September 2016

Get ready for an evening of space traveling puppets, upsidedown beatboxing, surreal comedy, and unexplainable screaming. Vancouver’s rockingest venue, The Rickshaw Theatre will be hosting Los Angeles based puppetmaster weirdo, David Liebe Hart, along with his new friends, Viktor Barkar (Vancouver Puppet Theatre), noCore, MCFlail, and Baboon Torture Division. Tickets are $13 at the door for fans over 19. Come see what Baboon Torture Division has been cooking up since their mysterious disappearance to the Theta Sector. If you can’t get enough Baboon Torture, we will be playing a sweaty all-night dance party type thing the next night at an undisclosable location (hooray nofun city). Ask around for details.
2016 September 29
254 E. Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1P1
Doors 8:00 PM

Extraterrestrial funckster CS7 acquired a taste for the music of Baboon Torture Division while on an interstellar vacation to Earth’s Miami, Florida. He was attracted to the ripeness of the funk they were laying down and could not believe that so much sound could come from a two piece rock group. He was astonished to find out that the band always played along with pre-recorded drum tracks.
The next morning CS7 began day drinking, and by 3 PM was reported to be blackout drunk by staff at A1A Beachfront Avenue. His next recollection was waking up in a hotel room with Baboon Torture Division and discovering that 3 days had passed and he was now the drummer for Baboon Torture Division. Upon receiving news of his good fortune, CS7 and his new bandmates began celebrating and inebriating wildly. The band is busy working on CS7’s catchphrase, which is rumoured to be ‘Hubba Hubba Hubba!’ They are expected to play their first show as a trio in fall 2016.

Here is a video of CS7 and Steve Biloba having a freeform jam at The Ultimate Extreme Music Challenge in early 2016.

It’s a DJ breakdance throwdown with Fresh Crew and Baboon Torture Division’s lead singer, Steve Biloba, credited here as DJ Stevie B. The Breakdance Sesh is a 44 minute drum solo designed specifically to deliver superior quality audio on the ghettoblaster’s speakers. This recording is intended to fill one side of a 90 minute cassette tape.

Pooping too often will cause nutrients to wash away before they can be absorbed. Pooping too seldom will strain your immune system. Poop everyday to maintain perfect balance. Remember that quality and quantity are as important as frequency if you want perfect poop. The size and consistency of two bananas per day is ideal. It’s time to get serious about your poop because if you never poop, you will die.